Exploring the Boundaries: Can Technology Replace Human Roles?


During all these years the definition of technology evolved with different perspectives but the simplest meaning of technology is “Anything which helps to solve difficult situations”.

Technology plays an important role in everyday life. Technology has made everyone’s life easier & and smarter. It decreased the number of manpower and made advancements in every corner of the world. The world is moving way faster than ever, everyday new inventions are made. The internet is full of knowledge about inventions. In the early 18th century has anyone imagined the advancement of technology? All the discoveries related to computers started in the early 19th century. Our browsing has been made the simplest ever. The first man-made tool was stone which led to fire when rubbed with another. This invention has made the human mind think from a different angle.

5 Best inventions of all time

Do you know the world is incomplete with 5 inventions that rule all the time? No matter how fast the centuries are moving, the world cannot forget these inventions Wheel, Telephone, Computer, bulb, and Microscope, they are considered the best inventions in human history, without them scientists cannot innovate more in the world.

Human Brain or Machine

All the technologies are man-made and are made to make everyone’s life easier, but the concept of thinking makes the human mind a machine itself. It is not wrong to say that if humans stop thinking from their brains, it will become rusty and the human has the power to give signals to the brain to think and do as per the desire of an individual.

Social Media is a problem?

When all these technologies are made, better advancements are also made scientifically and through our best engineers. The most popular is social media platforms, there is no stopping in social media apps, they give entertainment but also disturb our mental peace, people are dying as they get deeper into all these apps. Every day the number of users is increasing. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn do have billions of followers.

Man without machine

Our generation is dependent on machines completely, a doorbell, I.D card scan machine, refrigerator, dispenser, mobile, iPod, car, lights, fans cable charger every single item around us is a machine in other words man can not live without technology, if any person is asked in the world to leave his phone at home and go live in the forest without any connection in the world, very rare people will accept this offer in exchange with a handsome amount of remuneration.

Employment Opportunities

Today the world is fully informed about the technologies, due to which the individuals who are looking for employment are now well informed that through which platform they can apply for a job. They can apply for job from Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Technology – A problem-solving tool

For anything starting from how to make tea, how to wash clothes, or how to become a freelancer, everything is available on google, this is why technology is helpful for all.

I.T has changed businesses

Due to massive information technologies, businesses are now becoming accessible and approachable as many people are running online businesses due to which the cost of capital decreases, online businesses can be run in one’s drawing as well.

The most Powerful technology in computer history

Without a doubt the greatest invention in the world of the Internet is artificial intelligence or AI, AI has become the most popular tool in 2023, it has changed everyone’s life drastically, it has everything that a normal human can do or think. It has changed every organization’s life. Students are taking the most advantage of it. Multi-nationals are using it to grow their business and productivity.

Knowledge A tool:-

Here is a list of the top 50 inventions that were made

  1. Air conditions
  2. Camera
  3. Drone
  4. Mobile
  5. Tape
  6. Piano
  7. USB
  8. Play Station 
  9. Thermometer
  10. Fridge
  11. Clock
  12. Batter
  13. Atomic Bomb
  14. Parachute
  15. Stove
  16. Microwave
  17. Bicycle
  18. Television
  19. Telescope
  20. Microscope
  21. Wheelchairs
  22. Flashlight
  23. Windows
  24. Cruise
  25. Trucks
  26. Printers
  27. Calculators
  28. Pen
  29. Juicer Machine
  30. Elevator
  31. Air fryer
  32. Calendar
  33. Bull dozer
  34. Maps
  35. Graphs
  36. White Board
  37. Books & Copies
  38. Seat belts
  39. Bathrooms
  40. Apartments
  41.  Tyre
  42. Safety Pin
  43. iPod
  44. Airphones
  45. Coins
  46. Trampoline
  47. Trumpet
  48. Lego
  49. Tablet
  50.  Laptop 

Types of Technology

  • Medical Technology helps to solve problems in the human body with the help of scientific knowledge.
  • Artificial Intelligence is the brain of machines or programs that make human life more advanced.
  • Communicate Technology helps humans to connect it can be via transmission or directly through telephone or Skype.
  • Business Technology refers to all the appliances, tools, and applications that help to increase the output of the industry.
  • Robotics:- The term robotics refers to artificial intelligence, it connects science and math to create new applications.
  • Electronics:- 90% of the technology type comes under this single word, starting from home appliances to the major industry power plants are examples of electronics.
  • Marine Technology helps to dig mining inside the water and makes the process of different underwater activities faster.
  • Architectural technology helps to make buildings and designs through proper software & and applications.
  • Blockchain Technology does not only mean cryptocurrency or bitcoin it goes far beyond these applications. It keeps the business transparent while making transactions and it is very common in finance.
  • Computer:- Every human is taking advantage of computer , its very useful device for generations
  • Internet:- It helps humans to communicate with anyone in the world, sitting in any corner of the world.
  • Mechanical Technology helps engineers to combine different parts of tools to make a new machine.
  • Assistive Technology:- This technology is helpful for disabled people and assists them in daily life.
  • Biotechnology:- Every year remarkable inventions are made in the field of biotechnology including medicines, and therapies that help to make human life easier.
  • Energy Technology:- Used to produce different forms of energy for power production in the whole world renewable energy is used.
  • Entertainment Technology:- With the word entertainment, it clicks in our mind that it has to do something with the entertainment world, this is the case here in that it helps to give entertainment to the world like the media industry.
  • Agriculture Technology:- Boost the performance of the agriculture sector and give productive results and more profit.
  • 3D Printing:- Big industries require 3d models for their projects, Data Science is the best example for 3D models
  • Information Technology: A vast technology that is used in computers or in computer devices but the explanation can not be ended here, it is far bigger than just a computer.
  • Education Technology:- All the tools or methods that are used inside the classroom for the deliverance of better lectures come under this category,
  • Manufacture Technology:- It generates goods quicker and minimizes the cost of manufacturing in the industry.
  • Space Technology:- All space-related matters and their discoveries through different machines that astronauts used.
  • Audio & Visual Technology:- Cameras, Drones, and Projectors that are used to film the moment are part of this type.


It is not wrong to say that an individual, who uses technology to the maximum advantage , is definitely a person with a good brain. All businesses are run due to technology and its advancement, it is not wrong to say that technology has changed human nature, their efforts ,productivity, creativity and performance. Remember the time in 2020 when pandemic has become the epidemic of the world , that is the time when people lost their jobs, forced to leave from big organizations , the advancement in technology has boost the system from that time, when people realized that they can not be dependent on their 9 to 5 job, they must do something on their own , people with smartphones and laptops took the maximum advantage of the period and make their living peaceful.  People realized that they can make their income via technology and they did, this is the power of technology. If still some one is not using technology, start using it today and make the most of it.


1. How does Artificial Intelligence influence our lives?

AI has influenced human life faster than computers, people feel lonely start talking to AI, and even ask questions like they never searched on a computer.

2. Is Technology making us physically ill?

People are dependent on technology, making their lives easier but on the contrary eager to do things by themselves are lacking in this generation.

3. Who invented the Internet?

Vinton Gray Cerf is known as the father of the internet, sharing the title with TCP/IP co-developer Bob Khan but further discoveries were made later on, and the seed was plowed by these two men.

4. What are the new developments in technology?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the most popular developments.

5. Why wifi is made?

To connect people all over the world.

6. Can we live without the internet?

Yes, a lot of urban areas of the world are still without the source internet, the best example of this question is, if there is a power failure in the whole country, even just for 1 hour, the people will survive without the internet.

7. What if I share my personal data is hacked?

Some apps for transferring money require a National Identity Card & and address as well which people don’t seem comfortable sharing while just wiring the money.

8. Why do my children are always on the screen?

Due to technology advancement young children are more towards screen time instead of physical activities which a kid of the 20th century is enthusiastic to do.

9. What are the best technology tools these days?

It is a very broad question to answer without knowing the interest of an individual, but here are some results Canva, Grammarly and Chatgpt.

10. Who invented computer ?

Charles Babbage invented the first mechanical computer in the early 19th century.

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